Next Year Freshmans

Hey Freshmans! It’s so weird saying that because today’s officially my last day being a freshman. When it comes to Accelerated English here’s some things you’ll have to know to survive this class. First, you should always try to turn in all your assignments on time because if you don’t you’ll be behind and you don’t want that. Second, you should always try your best because if you don’t give 100% effort on your assignments your grade will go to an A+ to an D that quick. Third thing is that when you guys start reading class books you should read the chapters your assigned to that day. You may not know there could be a last minute quiz about that chapter. Lastly, you should enjoy it. This year was a struggle for me but also has been a very fun and exciting year. We got the chance to be in pages and go on field trips. You should overall enjoy this class and your freshman year because it’s the only time you’ll have a chance to enjoy it.


Friendship to me is having people in your life that you can count on. People that you could trust with your whole life if you had to. I don’t really have a lot of best friends because I take friendships seriously. I don’t want to make a mistake on trusting someone and later on backfires. One of my best friends is Jennifer. I can trust her and count on her for anything. We’ve known each other for almost 7 years now and I’m thankful for her. The sad thing is that we don’t go to the same school. In the middle of 8th grade year she had to switch schools. We both were worried that we would fade and not be close anymore but I feel like we’re closer than ever because of her changing schools. We talk on a daily basis and I’m glad that I have such a great best friend like her. I feel like no one understands me the way she does and I know I sound cheesy but it’s the truth. Your best friends are the people that accept you for you and love you for you. People should have best friends because there the people that make you a better you.



When it comes to me, I have so many dreams. The career I would want to purser is a Pediatrician. My best friend and I share the same dream. I know this might sound all cheesy and stuff but one of my most important dream is to be happy and successful when I’m older. I feel like your a better you when you’re happy and I feel like if I don’t become a pediatrician I won’t be as happy as I could have been. Being a pediatrician has always been my dream career. Honestly I don’t know what other career I would be interested other than being a pediatrician. My dream of becoming a Pediatrician can fail by having bad grades or a low GPA. So if I want my dream to become a pediatrician to be successful I have to have a high GPA and my grades have to be really good. My dream on being happy can fail by worrying about things I shouldn’t be and wasting my time on dumb people or doing things that don’t make me happy. I feel like you’re in control when it comes to your happiness and that’s why my dream on being happy can be successful.

Katniss Everdeen

There’s this book/movie called ” The Hunger Games” and it’s about people fighting against different districts.  The person I think is a hero is Katniss Evergreen. She’s has many traits that make her a hero. She’s very brave and caring because when Trinket had to pick out 2 names from the jars to go into the Hunger Games , Katniss’s sister Prim was chosen but she volunteered to take her place. That part of the movie was the bravest thing she did because your putting someone’s safety before yours.

She’s also caring because she’s trying to protect her little sister from getting killed in the hunger games. She cares about her sister a lot if she volunteered to take her place knowing that she could die. Her sister is younger than her and doesn’t no anything about survival. However, Katniss hunts and she knows how to stay alive in the wilderness.Another trait that Katniss has that make her a hero is that shes intelligent. She’s intelligent because she doesn’t need anyone to count on. People count on her more than she counts on others. And in the hunger games you’re going to have to trust your district partner and I feel like it was harder for her to trust him rather than Peeta trusting her. That makes her a little stubborn. Not everything about a hero has to be perfect.

She’s also a hard worker and doesn’t give up on what she wants. One thing that she did that makes her a hard worker is that she won the hunger games. She survived through the whole game and she won. She pushed through it and showed everyone that she is a true winner and that she deserved it. For me I don’t think I would been so determined to win I would have been scared the whole time and eventually get killed.

There’s lots of things that make up a hero. There could be good things that a hero has and there also could be bad things that make up a hero. It just just depends on the person and what they think a hero should have to be called an hero.


Crazy Birthday Party

Next week on January 29th is going to be Asia’s birthday. There will be a huge party to celebrate her birthday. All of her friends are planning to attend. The cake was a lie. Devastated she stood up from the party. She was sad that the cake was a lie so she ran out of the room. The diabetic child ran away with devastation on his face. However, he came back to see if he could even just get a little bit of cake. But when he got some of the cake he saw a dogs hand in it. The dogs name is Max. The dog was unknown but somehow we knew his name. Max was eating Asia’s cake. The diabetic child could no longer wait, the sweet sweet smell of the cake made him not think; he took his hands and ate some of the dog invested cake. then the diabetic kid turned into a monster and started cooling on the couch. The monster than saw a old lady walk by and offered her a piece of pineapple cake. This was only to lure her into his awaiting hands, he was waiting for the right moment to eat her. The old lady wobbled over to him and as he opened his mouth to eat her, the old lady shoved her cane in his mouth and ran away laughing. Cheese cake doughnuts! Fluffy pancakes for Bros. That was Asia’s most worst and craziest birthday party.

This was a story I wrote with my whole class. NOT MY STORY OR IDEA

Harry Styles (:

This is Harry Styles. He’s my favorite band member from the band One Direction. Sadly the band is taking a year long break. I mean you can’t say he’s ugly because he isn’t. He’s from England so he has an British accent which is a bonus. He’s such a sweet and nice to everyone. He loves all his fans and is thankful for single one of them. He’s funny and has an amazing personality. And I feel like being a fan of someone means you have to listen to every single of their songs, know every lyric to every song and have pictures of them in their room. I feel like Harry and the whole band loves anyone who supports them and like their music and I think that’s super sweet and nice of them. There     over wonderful and amazing people but Harry will always be my favorite. By the way this is NOT my picture I got it from > 


Short Moments

I remember how cold I was and how I kept asking myself why I didn’t bring a jacket with me. We hear the alarm go off in the whole school. We’re having a fire drill. It was out of now where so I assumed it was a real fire. We all scatter around the hallway trying to make our way out of the school. My friend and I are talking about recent gossip while were going down the 3 flights of stairs. I get outside and see a bunch of students in the parking lot. I also see that it’s raining. “I really wish I had a jacket right now” I think to myself. I hug myself hoping it will make me warmer but it doesn’t. I start shivering and my lips start to quiver and hoping we can get in the school quicker. I hear chit chats coming from the other students around me. I start talking to my friends that were with me trying to get my mind off from how cold I was. After a couple minutes which felt like 2 hours we finally hear the teachers saying it was okay for us to go back in the building. Everyone’s trying to get to the school entrance first so I try to hurry and get to the other school entrance even though it would take me longer than if went in the school using the 1st entrance. I finally get in the school and felt the warm heat hit my face the second I got in. I walked 3 flights of stairs to get back to my first period class and the teacher went along with the class were we left it off.


I’m not really a nature person but my favorite season is Fall because it’s not to hot and it’s not to cold it’s the perfect temperature. I really like seeing the leaves change different colors throughout the season. The only thing I like about summer is our summer vacation. I hate how hot it gets in the summer. The only thing I like about winter is because my birthday is in January. Lastly the only thing I like about spring is the flowers. I hate spring because that’s when I get my allergies and I hate allergies. Fall is simply beautiful. I love how it’s chilly and cold but also warm and cozy. I’m more an inside person than a outside person. I don’t like bugs and there’s so many bugs in the summer. If I did go outside to do something I would be complaining about the weather the whole time. I hate winter so much because it’s so cold all the time and my mom’s always worrying about if I’m going to get sick or not or if I’m wearing the correct clothes that are going to keep me warm. I hate how my birthday is in winter because the weather depends on what I’m going to do or if I’m going out or not. If it’s too cold to go out and the roads are full of snow I would just chill at home with my family. I remember back in 7th grade there was a snow day on my birthday and I didn’t have to go to school. I’m not really a nature person but fall is my favorite.

Boys vs. Girls

I think parents shouldn’t raise their teenage girls in the same way as their teenage boys. I feel like it’s stereotypical not to raise your daughters the same way you raise your sons because there’s lots of boundaries girls have rather than a boys have. For example girls are supposed to act girly and nice and you wouldn’t teach your sons how to act “girly”. You would teach your son how to be manly and strong you wouldn’t teach your daughter how to act “manly”. One way that you should raise both your sons and daughters is to grow up being nice and kind to everyone. For girls your always raised to be “soft” I guess you can say and boys on the other hand are raised by acting tough and strong.

Esperanza would think that parents shouldn’t raise their teenage girls the same way they raise their teenage boys because she knows how there’s rules girls have that boys don’t. She knows how there’s a huge difference in how parents raise their daughters and sons. You would have to either raise them all like girls or raise them all as boys. In the book “Mango Street” it says ” The boys and the girls live in separate worlds. The boys in their universe and we in ours.” This quote shows how girls and boys are just so different that sometimes it feels like they live in their own universe and we girls live in ours. Even though we live on the same earth and go to the same schools or even live in the same neighborhood there’s always going to be that feeling of boys in their own world and we girls in ours.

About My Name

In my English class were reading this book called ” Mango Street” and the main character’s name is Esperanza. She doesn’t like her name because it’s too long and at school they pronounce it weird. I have the same problem. I don’t hate my name I actually really like my name but it’s spelled like Asia like the continent but it’s pronounced a-see-ya. It’s confusing I know. My name means caring and honestly that’s exactly what I am. I really like my name because first it means caring and second because my mom named me after her aunt. My mom’s aunt, according to her was really nice and sweet. I’m glad I was named after someone great like her. I never met her but she seems wonderful. Sadly I don’t have any nicknames because you really can’t make up a nickname using my name but its fine being called my actual name rather than a nickname. I would like a nickname that would be cool but I’m so used to not having a nickname so it would be weird at the same time. My dad was the one to mess up the spelling of my name. It was supposed to be spelled “Asiya” and by looking at that I’m glad it’s spelled like Asia because I don’t like how it looks with a “y”. It gets really annoying at some points when the substitute teacher or any teacher messes up saying my name but then again it’s not their fault it’s spelled like Asia. I’m honestly so used to it that I don’t get annoyed anymore. Even though it gets annoying when people mess up saying my name I would never change it if i could.